Entropy.   The physicist will say that as (time) increases, as the universe unfolds it goes from a state of perfect order to a state of perfect disorder.  In the the end all that will be left is a haze subatomic particles devoid of charge, spin and thus meaning. Not even that, the particles will dissolve into the field that bore them along for the life of the universe.  Beyond that..  Pointless to consider.

Like the mental need to view the change going on around us as a dimension in the form of time, the strict followers of entropy as it is interpreted by physics are devoted to a pure chaos.  They see entropy as the process of a pure disorganization, and the word leaves no room for processes that bring about the end result.  How then has the universe done nothing since the big bang but re-order itself in endless iterations of familiar spiral forms?  Soon after the start of the Big Bang atoms started organizing into enormous masses of hydrogen which collapsed into themselves under a force brought about by this aggregation.  Gravity?  Since then a constantly evolving, seemingly chaotic, process of organization has been playing out, no pun intended, as the origin of that phrase “Playing out” seems to refer to the spiral unfurling of a fishing like or phonograph record.

Maybe we should say, in the beginning there was spin. This was the first form, its fractal analog of gravity brought about a field effect that assisted in the construction of the first atoms.  All at once the vast soup of particle sprang forth spinning and from this action began assembling the components of atomic structure.  Initialy in the form of hydrogen these structures aggregated into what would become a stars giving birth to gravity.  Then this process repeated itself at the stellar scale with the solid self similarity at all scales that fractal geometry produces yielding a similar but different and more complex result. The iterative function system driving the chaotic evolution is spin.  This growing aggregation of matter which was brought about by the onrush of energy pushing out of creation has replicated it’s form countless times.   Every now and then a form of energy, a new field or some binding force brings about the evolution of a newer larger scale that resemble the one it is made of, but is now more intricate and also begins to assemble it’s larger components in a similar manner.   All, still bound to the energy that is spin.

Iteration (not in the purely numerical sense) is the term a programmer uses when devising a repeating construct, it’s of course spinning again. Iteration is the earth going around the sun, the moon orbiting the earth,  great big spinning things, made of little tiny spinning things.  At each scale are created forces that bring about fields that bind structure and create organizations of matter. So far this entropy seems pretty organized to me.   There may be truth to the idea that entropy is in the end complete disorganization.  But as long as galaxies, suns and worlds turn the universe is abundant with order and form.  For how long may as well be an eternity from our perspective, but finally these forms will fail and dissolve  into what I described earlier.

But,  for the majority of the entirety of their existence these forms will be undergoing the transformations, working upward from the smallest scale to the largest to create new form.   Organized forms, and because they have form they have meaning.  Meaning that is akin to the relationship between information about a form and its relevance to the form itself. A knowledge based binding construct.  So, the fact that between the time where space, particles and fields are created and begin, this organization, and the time when it all falls apart; the majority of it’s form and presence is ordered.  From this we can derived that it has purpose because it creates increasingly more complicated forms.  And, the beginning is just that and the end also just that.  The remainder is the universal life that turns order into the life we experience as the most complicated geometrical object we can conceive.   Ourselves, life, painted onto a place where all the conditions are perfectly ordered to allow for it to unfold.

For duration of the universe entropy is more like chaos, just form misunderstood.   We don’t understand it because we can’t comprehend the scales involve.  Stars explode and create new forms of atomic substance, then they reassemble and a dance of worlds accompanies them making use of this new substance making a newer more complicated version of the one that preceded it.  Presumably we have not seen the extent to which the universe can order itself and complexity that it will bring about as it reaches it’s completion. Order emerges from apparent chaos again and again.  All by the majesty of spin.   The grandest forms we can observe, galaxies, take the same form but are so big and distant that they seem static when the are actually moving in some cases close to the speed of light.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that words like entropy ( or practically any other word for that matter) do the concept they propose to explain the injustice of being too specific and confining, and some imply too much meaning from them.   Entropy is not disorder, entropy is re-order. Chaos is not randomness it is just an order so diffuse as to preclude our understanding.