They say there are two sides to a coin.   A coin is a disc, a disc is a slice of a sphere.   There are 360 cubed “sides” to a thing.  There is a perspective for any vector that emanates from the singularity that is the center of a sphere.   Another example of geometry being used abstractly by the conscious mind in order to try and make sense of things.   We use the index of time, we also use the bilateral symmetry of a coin to represent oppositions.   It works, taken as is though it becomes a confining factor in the way in which one may analyse a problem.   Of course there aren’t fifty shades of gray, or black and white.   These are just the best representations our senses can render for us so they are imprinted on the mind as a rule.

If we want think deeper, broader and more meaningfully we have to recognize these aspects of human consciousness and learn how to filter them out of the equation.  Both simplifying and expanding the possibilities of the things which we are considering.  Paraphrasing Plato and others, the world which we perceive is just an imperfect projection of a more perfect world which we cannot fully perceive.  And that’s just referring to the senses and the neurological systems that organize their input.  As the brain evolves during a lifetime it grabs onto concepts that serve it well, as a child and then as an adult they are often never updated to a truer concept of reality.    Most children live on flat earths,  we tell them that the world is round and then all it takes is to point at the moon and say “see another world, far away”.   They take the leap.  Similarly the time concept evolves as we grow and change and age.   We all relate to the story of how a minute seemed to be an eternity to a five year old and as a 60 year old a month seems like a day.  Helping to create the illusion of a “corridor” of time.

It is hard to learn how to think outside of the bounds of time, or to approach a problem without Occam’s razor to cut the disc from the sphere.  Since we are bilaterally symmetrical beings the razor serves us well and can get to the core of most things swiftly. It’s the same razor that cuts the past from the future.  But there is no past and there is no future there is only now.   We can build an account of the past and evolve technology this way, we can make certain assumptions and predictions about the future but they too are as imperfects our accounts of the past. In all this “Consciousness” we seem to be bound this way for the purpose of evolving, iteration, on and on.  Genetically if you are alive and aware then you are an immortal.  It took billions of years of natural selection to deliver us, the thinking being, to ourselves.  Because we don’t know if anyone anywhere else know or cares that we exits outside of deists beliefs.

As the slice of a sphere is the two dimensional shadow of the three dimensional sphere, I suspect the sphere is the four dimensional shadow of a higher plane of existence onto which we are projected. What we perceive all around us in the confines of our 3D world may just be how some greater 4 or more dimensional reality appears to us. The microcosm and macrocosm may just be one thing folded around us in a higher dimensional order.  If that were true, no matter how much we study the universe at the higher and lower scales there may be nothing to learn seen from our perspective.